IGS Energy Company History

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The Emergency Natural Gas Act was signed on February 2, 1977 in response to OPEC price hikes and deregulation, as well as, the 1973 U.S. oil crisis. As a result of this legislation, natural gas choice programs began to spring up in several states.

The Ohio House of Representatives recognized Marvin White for being instrumental in founding Ohio’s Choice Program.

Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. (IGS Energy) was founded in Dublin, Ohio by Marvin White and his son, Scott. The privately-held company began as a commercial and industrial wholesale supplier of Ohio-produced gas.

IGS Energy expanded the company’s focus to include natural gas retail marketing direct to commercial and industrial end-users. The decision to sell gas direct to the Ohio end-user was based on three principles: Grow and maintain control of Ohio-produced gas Save the customer money without sacrificing reliability Make it as customer friendly as possible to utilize services

Following the deregulation of residential gas service in 1997, IGS Energy began serving residential customers in the Columbia Gas of Ohio service area and moved into its new headquarters at 5020 Bradenton Avenue in Dublin, Ohio.

As a result of the development of Ohio’s Choice Program, IGS Energy was able to move into the residential and small commercial arenas.

During the past decade, IGS Energy added more than 800,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in a seven state region across the Midwest and the Northeast (Ohio, Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Indiana).

As the leading privately-held natural gas marketer of products and services in the country, IGS Energy focuses on serving residential, commercial & industrial and small business customers. In June, the company moved into a new building at 6100 Emerald Parkway in Dublin, Ohio, that was built to achieve Platinum LEED® certification, the highest of the four LEED certification ratings. In August, IGS Energy Inc. entered into a licensing agreement with NiSource Retail Services, which allows IGS Energy to use the Columbia Retail Energy name to market natural gas to residential customers.