Rotation Program

Want to jump-start your career?
We have a program that makes it possible.

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Our Rotation Program is designed to expand your understanding of the various business segments within IGS. By exposing you to each of our core departments, you have the chance to get a holistic view of our company and how we all work together. As part of this program, you’ll interact with people across the entire company, develop new skill sets, and hone in on your personal strengths.

In each department you’ll work directly with company leaders on a wide variety of projects, gaining experience that helps you evaluate and define your own career path. Once you have completed the Rotation Program we’ll work with you to find the ideal place for you at IGS—where you can build your career on the foundation you just created.

How does it work?
The Rotation Program is unique to each individual, designed for your specific interests and skill set as well as our business needs. You’ll spend a minimum of three months in up to nine different functional areas:

  • Supply
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing
  • Choice Sales
  • Commercial and Industrial Sales
  • CNG Services
  • Generation
  • Home Services
  • Contact Center
  • Accounting
  • Operations

Am I qualified?
We’re looking for highly driven and innovative individuals, excited to energize their careers. It’s a great opportunity and admission into the program is competitive.  Here are our minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and strategic-thinking skills
  • Flexible and results-oriented

How does this differ from an internship?
IGS Energy does offer a paid internship program for talented students. The Rotation Program, however, is for full-time employees who have earned their degree and who demonstrate great promise and motivation.

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