IGS Impact

IGS Impact, our community investment programming, is an extension of IGS’ purpose-driven culture. Through IGS Impact, we partner with non-profit organizations to make transformational change in the communities where we work, live and do business. Our strategic grants are investments, from which we expect real societal benefit. Company and Foundation programs focus on creating positive change in the areas of energy sustainability and social enterprise. In addition, we support organizations and causes that our employees are passionate about.

While we have big plans to continue growing our program, we know it’s also important to reflect upon where we’ve been. These contributions are reflective of all IGS Companies, including IGS Energy, IGS Solar, IGS CNG Services, and IGS Generation.

Our community giving reports include a recap of the time, talent, and dollars donated to the communities we serve. Check out our 2017 report below.

Our Mission

Creating positive social change through philanthropy, volunteerism, and partnerships in the areas of: energy sustainability, social enterprise and entrepreneurship, and causes that matter to our employees.

Read our past reports below.

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Video Transcript


IGS Impact is really an extension of our culture.

We believe in making differences, making an impact in everything we do, from a business.

So now, we can make an impact in the community by being strategic and being thoughtful, and we can engage our employees in a more purposeful, and driven life.

Impact to me is making a difference every time I volunteer at “JA Biz Town” I know I’m making a difference by the way that the kids react. I get kids that barely spoke at the beginning of the day, and now they’re thanking me, and asking if they can come back. There’s just so many great things that you see by helping others.

Impact for me definitely means not just making, you know, an impact in terms of “being responsive” to something but “being proactive” about helping out in the community.

Not just picking up trash and recycling, but me being present in the lives of, for example, in the Junior Achievement being present in those children’s lives. I have seen the light go on when I’ve asked them, “What do you want to be when you graduate high school?”

I would encourage other employees to get involved, because there is so much out there, which, is going to empower them to make such a big difference in somebody else’s life.

I think if you are a successful organization, and if you’re making a profit, and you’re successful in your business, then you have an obligation back to the community you have a responsibility to share a little bit of that success and set an example.

It makes me feel really good working at IGS Energy. It’s a family feeling, and so when it’s like that, you want to be part of the community, and IGS supports us doing that.

IGS’s greatest asset is definitely its people. IGS Impact is a way for us to invest in our people helping them grow. If they are balanced individuals, they are going to be more fulfilled, they are going to be better employees, and IGS Impact is a way for us to invest in our employees and invest in the community.

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We appreciate your interest in IGS and look forward to learning more about your organization’s charitable or marketing support opportunity.


We give paid time to employees to invest in causes meaningful to them. By 2018 we will log more than 10,000 volunteer hours.

The best employees care. This is why we give them the tools to make a difference in the communities they are passionate about. With Volunteer Time Off (VTO) they can make a real impact in the causes that are meaningful to them.

IGS Foundation

We understand the responsibility every business has to its community.

We make investments in the areas of Energy Sustainability, Social Enterprise, and Social Entrepreneurship that make a positive, transformational impact in our communities.

Community Giving

We believe in our employees. Their passion is the framework for our giving.

We offer 100% matching for charitable gifts up to $250 annually per employee. Across 500 employees, this can bring real change. In addition, our Dollars for Doers and Community Grants programs recognize employees serving their community in volunteer and leadership capacities.


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