IGS Energy Cheers on the Rams at Randallstown High School

October 16, 2016

IGS Energy Cheers on Randallstown High School

Dublin, OH, October 16, 2016 – On Saturday, October 15th Home Energy Consultants (HECs) from IGS Energy, a leading nationwide independent energy supplier, were in attendance as the Randallstown Rams took on the New Town Titans in a Saturday evening football game.

IGS Energy supported the home team by giving foam fingers to Ram fans at the game.

The support culminated in an on-site check presentation for $2,000, which Randallstown will use for school initiatives. Last year, IGS Energy HECs visited 46 high schools across Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. IGS Energy supported high schools throughout their service footprint during the 2015-2016 school year with check presentations totaling $92,000.

About IGS Energy

Founded in 1989, IGS Energy has been a leading advocate for change in the energy industry with the goal of offering a choice to commercial, industrial, and residential customers in energy supply. Today, the company expertly advises and helps consumers make smart energy decisions that fit their individualized needs. IGS Energy supplies natural gas and electricity to more than one million customers, and offers a variety of Home Services products to help consumers protect their homes and further manage their energy costs.